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What Clients Are Saying

ADHD Treatment

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"I reached out to Dr. Harte complaining of a long-time lack of ability to focus and prioritize, to the point that it was affecting my work and my quality of life. After agreeing to work with me and diagnosing the issue as ADHD, I started to notice some positive changes in my ability to concentrate after only a few weeks of sessions. By the end of our sessions together - by using the tools and skills Dr. Harte taught me - I feel a complete transformation in the way I work, my ability to concentrate, and how I manage my time. I could not have anticipated getting this much from these visits, and I have Dr. Harte to thank for it."

Pre-surgical Psych Eval

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" conducted a psychological evaluation in order for me to undergo bariatric surgery. Since the surgery I've lost nearly 250 pounds, far outstripping the expectations both I and the surgeon who performed it have had. Profound changes have occurred, which all began with bariatric surgery, which was made possible by your recommendation in the psychological evaluation. The bariatric surgery has been the single most profoundly positive event I've had in my life, and I wished to thank you for your part in it. You have been a part of the process which enabled me to become who I should always have been."

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