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Disability Evaluations &

Independent Medical Examinations

Dr. Harte is an expert at conducting comprehensive disability evaluations and this is a primary aspect of his practice. He has conducted hundreds of evaluations for a range of psychiatric conditions and for many types of claims. He understands the process from beginning to end. Some of the more common types of evaluations include:

  • Veterans Administration (VA) Compensation & Pensions (C&P) Exams

  • Injured on Duty (IOD) claims

  • Worker's Compensation claims

  • Short-term & long-term disability claims

  • Social Security Disability evaluations

  • Personal injury cases

Why See Dr. Harte? Can't I See Any Mental Health Professional?

No. Disability Evaluations for psychiatric conditions must be completed by a specialist with a doctoral degree, such as a psychologist or psychiatrist. Other mental health professionals such as social workers, licensed mental health counselors, psychiatric nurse practitioners, and marital and family therapists are not qualified to conduct these examinations. Additionally, most psychologists and psychiatrists do not routinely complete these evaluations and do not fully understand the legal and administrative complexities surrounding the particular claim. Dr. Harte conducts these evaluations routinely and he has completed hundreds of these exams. He understands the process, and he therefore can "speak" the language of the entity providing the disability benefits, which makes it much more likely that you will be successful with your claim.

Does Dr. Harte Conduct Disability Evaluations for Veterans (Compensation & Pension Exams)?

Yes! Of all the types of disability claims that Dr. Harte works with, Compensation & Pension (C&P) exams (also referred to as Disability Benefits Questionnaires) are the most common type of evaluation that he conducts. Dr. Harte works with several Veterans Service Officers (VSOs) and Veteran's Advocates to conduct these exams and he does so privately. That is, he is not contracted with the VA or any entity whatsoever, thus ensuring that all your records are completely private. The VA will only receive the actual disability report and nothing else.

If I Can Have my C&P Exam Done for Free at the VA, Why Have it Completed Privately for a Fee with Dr. Harte?

Many Veterans find the process of being examined at the VA very stressful. Veterans often state that they feel rushed, and that the exam was too quick to properly assess their problem. Additionally, Veterans may have had prior unpleasant experiences with the VA and they may have a distrust for the VA system in general. This may cause Veterans to not fully disclose the full extent of their problems, resulting in their claim being denied. Because Dr. Harte conducts these exams privately, as much time will be taken to ensure the evaluation is 100% thorough and accurate, which enhances Veteran's chances of their claim being accepted. Dr. Harte has conducted hundreds of private C&P exams, and he fully understands the process from beginning to end. Further, Dr. Harte used to work for the VA and he has a deep understanding of Veterans and the unique needs of Veterans and their families.

What Does a Disability Exam Consist Of?

A typical exam consists of: (1) a thorough review of your medical records and any other legal or administrative records related to your claim; (2) an in-person clinical interview; (3) administration of questionnaires and psychological tests; (4) scoring of all tests and measures; (5) a written report specific to your claim. The evaluation is often conducted during one meeting, but in some circumstances, more than one meeting may be necessary.

Why is a Disability Exam Expensive?

A disability examination is not a typical assessment. It is the result of a law suit or other legal matter whereby the patient may be entitled to thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars across their life span. Therefore, the completion of a disability assessment is a serious matter and must be done with 100% accuracy and competence. Dr. Harte's fees reflect his professional experience, his success with disability claims, and the nature of the significance of the service and its consequences. 

Can I Continue to See Dr. Harte After the Evaluation is Completed?


Yes. Dr. Harte is committed to helping clients live more purposeful, fulfilling, and rewarding lives. He draws upon evidence-based cognitive and behavioral principles to help clients identify and change counterproductive thoughts and behaviors. Therapy with Dr. Harte is collaborative, solution focused, and goal oriented. He provides a comfortable, supportive, and nonjudgmental atmosphere so you can achieve the emotional and physical well-being you are striving for.



Disability Evaluations
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