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Psychologist therapist anxiety Dr. Harte panic PTSD phobias depression


Evaluation and evidence-based therapy services
Provided across Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island 


Harte Behavioral Health is a specialty healthcare practice delivering assessment and psychological treatment services to adults experiencing mental health and behavioral conditions. Dr. Harte applies a variety of effective psychological and behavioral treatments targeting a variety of conditions that are supported by decades of research. The mission is clear: help clients to identify obstacles that are keeping them stuck, reduce or remove these obstacles, and improve the quality of their lives.
Psychologist therapist anxiety Dr. Harte panic PTSD phobias depression

Individual Therapy for
Physical Health Conditions

Behavioral medicine (sometimes referred to as Health Psychology) is an interdisciplinary healthcare field and a specialty area within the field of clinical psychology. Behavioral medicine integrates biological, psychological, behavioral, and social aspects relevant to health and illness. It mainly focuses on utilizing empirically-supported psychological and behavior change principles to improve health and wellness, cope with or reduce illness, and prevent health conditions. Behavioral health services are short term, goal oriented, and solution focused so that you can achieve the wellbeing that you are striving for as quickly as possible

Individual Therapy for
Mental Health Conditions

Dr. Harte uses a variety of evidence-based psychotherapies, to help clients learn effective psychological tools and skills to improve the quality of their lives. The majority of interventions involve Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which is an empirically supported treatment that focuses on modifying problematic thoughts and behaviors that contribute to and/or maintain emotional and behavioral problems like depression, anxiety, addiction, and other mental and behavioral health conditions. Treatments are goal directed, and solution focused.

Psychologist therapist anxiety Dr. Harte panic insomnia phobias depression
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Psychologist therapist anxiety Dr. Harte panic PTSD phobias insomnia tinnnitus

ADHD Coaching

Whereas medication helps to control the core symptoms of distractibility, short attention span and impulsivity, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), is quite effective at increasing the habits and skills needed for self-management. CBT for ADHD focuses on behavioral coaching techniques such as keeping routines, making lists for different tasks and activities, using a calendar for scheduling events, using reminders, breaking down large tasks into more manageable, smaller steps so that completing each part of the task provides a sense of accomplishment, and reducing distraction.

Dr. Harte conducts many types of disability evaluations for a wide range of patients and psychological conditions. Specific types of evaluations include medical retirement psychiatric exams, Veterans Administration disability examinations, short-term and long-term disability claims, Social Security disability evaluations, and psychiatric evaluations for personal injury cases.

Psychologist Dr. Harte disability eval C&P VA DBQ
Psychologist therapist anxiety Dr. Harte panic PTSD phobias insomnia

Bariatric Pre-Surgical Psychological Evaluation

Dr. Harte performs pre-surgical mental health evaluations for patients who are candidates for weight loss surgery. Gaining clearance by a specialized mental health professional is a requirement to undergo bariatric surgery. The ultimate goal of the evaluation is to ensure your safety by identifying potential barriers and risk factors to your optimal weight loss and health post-surgery. 

an Appointment

If Dr. Harte may be of help to you, feel free to reach out to schedule an initial appointment. Please note that Dr. Harte is conducting appointments virtually (via TeleHealth).

Psychologist therapist anxiety Dr. Harte panic PTSD phobias depression
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