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Frequently Asked Questions


Below are answers to commonly asked questions. For questions regarding the use of Health Insurance, please click here.


Do I Talk A Lot About My Childhood?


No. Childhood experiences and events, while not the focus of treatment, may be reviewed. However, the focus of Dr. Harte's treatments is on the here-and-now. That is, the emphasis is on current problems and how to remedy these problems by providing practical tools that will provide you with long-term solutions. Treatments are collaborative, goal oriented, and solution focused. They are evidenced based and effective.

How Much Does It Cost?


If you choose to use your health insurance, at each visit, you are required to provide payment for services per the stipulations of your insurance plan contract (that is, provide your co-payment, or pay your deductible or co-insurance). In certain situations, and only if applicable, you will also be required to pay any additional fees not covered by your insurance company. This would be the case if you elected to engage in intensive services where sessions lasted longer than what is typically allowed by insurance companies (i.e., appointments lasting longer than about 45 minutes). If you are paying out of pocket, please click here to see self-pay rates.

Do You Accept My Health Insurance?


Dr. Harte accepts many health insurance plans. Please click here to see a list of health insurance plans that Dr. Harte accepts.


How Long Are the Appointments?


A standard initial evaluation lasts 60 minutes. Typical followup appointments are 40 minutes. In some case, clients engage in more intensive services (particularly for the treatment of phobias and OCD) and these appointments may last 60 to 90 minutes.

How Do I Make an Appointment?


If you are a client wanting to book an appointment for the first time, you can either call Dr. Harte directly or use the Appointment Service Request form. Use of the online form is the preferred method for clients requesting an initial appointment. This method is fast, can be completed easily and privately, and can be completed at your convenience 24/7. For established patients, Dr. Harte will discuss with you directly the easiest way to schedule followup appointments. This may be via phone, email, text, or online.


What is the Cancellation Policy?


You are asked to provide at least 48 hours notice if you need to cancel your appointment. If you provide less than 48 hours notice, you will incur a fee. The fee is $75 if you provide notice less than 48 hours but greater than 24 hours. A $100 fee applies for providing less than 24 hours notice, and a $150 fee applies if you provide no notice.


Can I Bring My Baby/Child to the Appointment?


Dr. Harte understands that it is often difficult to arrange for childcare. However, he cannot accommodate infants or children within the waiting area (i.e., he does not have babysitting services and he will not allow children to be unattended) or within your private appointment because this ends up being distracting to you and to Dr. Harte.


Do You Offer Phone or Video Appointments?


Yes. Dr. Harte understands that many clients may not be able to attend appointments face-to-face and may desire more flexible and convenient treatment options. This is why Dr. Harte offers most services via video chat (i.e., TeleHealth). Many health insurance companies reimburse for telehealth services. To learn more about TeleHealth, click here.



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