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Evaluation & Assessment Services


In order to providing the highest quality care for the unique needs of clients, conducting a comprehensive psychological evaluation is essential. Assessment services are used to help both you and Dr. Harte identify and/or clarify your particular concerns, develop a specialized treatment plan with objective goals, and identify therapeutic targets for treatment.


In addition to offering standard psychiatric/psychological assessments, Dr. Harte also offers more specialized assessments such as adult ADHD evaluations, presurgical psychological evaluations for bariatric surgery candidates, comprehensive evaluation of sexual function for individuals with sexual difficulties, and disability evaluations.


Specific types of disability evaluations include those pertaining to Injured on Duty (IOD) & Worker's Compensation claims, Veterans Administration (VA) disability examinations, short-term and long-term disability claims, Social Security disability evaluations, and psychiatric evaluations and summaries for personal injury cases. Read more about Disability Evaluation Services.



Disability Evaluations
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